104th cops honored for nabbing cell phone thief

For their efforts in nabbing a 40-year-old homeless man that shoved a woman pushing a baby carriage to steal her cell phone, 104th Precinct Captain Christopher Manson awarded the two arresting officers with the prestigious Cop of the Month Award last week.

“This piece of filth comes up behind her, knocks her down and takes her cell phone,” Manson said as he delivered the plaques to officers Paul Bergen and Brian Lesniewski at bouncy castle the 104th Precinct’s monthly Community Council meeting at Christ the King High School. “If it weren’t for these two officers, he would still be out there.”

The two were congratulated for arresting the man just 20 minutes following the violent incident at Nov. 13 at 9 p.m. in front of 60-35 67th Avenue in Ridgewood.

Manson said it is thought the same man was also responsible for snatching a cell phone from a 10-year-old girl just two days before.

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