Celebrating service on CB5


From left to right: District Manager Gary Giordano, John Maier, Joe Nocerino from the BP’s office, Fred Haller, Chairman Vincent Arcuri, Jr., and Dmytro Fedkowskyj

It’s often a thankless job, but serving on your local community board is one of the most important ways to be involved in your neighborhood.

You review city policies, budgets and services that are vital to the community. You discuss land use projects, liquor, beer and wine licenses and any proposal that would impact the area.

It’s a volunteer gig, but these members spend hours pouring over notes, attending meetings and thinking about the best interest of the community.

That’s why it’s important to recognize those who have served for so long.

Earlier this month, Borough President Melinda Katz honored John Maier and Dmytro Fedkowskyj, each of whom have served 10 years on CB5.

Fred Haller was recognized for 30 years of service on CB5.

Let’s give them a hand for their efforts, and wish them the best of luck as they continue to look out for our neighborhoods.


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