Glendale property owners talk congestion pricing

Glendale Property April 2019

The Glendale Property Owners Association held its monthly meeting last Thursday at St. Pancras Pfeiffer Hall.

Among their speakers was Assemblyman Mike Miller, who gave a summary of the New York State budget and other upcoming events.

Miller said many residents were concerned about congestion pricing.

“While we are still working on the details in Albany, some residents who travel to Manhattan are concerned about being charged twice, as well as potentially having to pay going over the Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge for being in the wrong lane and/or getting to the FDR Drive,” he said.

The Glendale assemblyman has been advocating for exemptions for seniors, yellow cab drivers, first responders and people going into the zone for doctor’s appointments.

The congestion pricing zone runs south of 60th Street in Manhattan, but excludes the FDR Drive and the West Side Highway.


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