Holden chimes in on police sexual misconduct bill

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Councilman Bob Holden has some thoughts about Intro. 571, a City Council bill prohibiting sexual contact between police or peace officers and people in their custody.

The bill is in response to a horrific alleged rape case in Brooklyn of a woman by police officers who held her in custody.

Holden released the following statement about the bill:

Engaging in such behavior is inappropriate and frankly an abuse of power. It seems like common sense to assume that no officer should partake in an activity, but criminalizing it provides a much-needed level of assurance that this type of behavior will not be tolerated in any capacity.

It’s disgraceful that such measures need to be taken, but as recent events have shown, they are necessary. There is no scenario where any officer should carry on having relations with a person in custody. I am hopeful that the passage of this bill will serve as a successful deterrent against future instances of sexual misconduct.”


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