Holden to speak at CEC 24 meeting tomorrow

Revised-12-11-19-CEC24December17-2019Meeting Community Education Council (CEC) District 24 is hosting its monthly meeting tomorrow night at 6:30 p.m. at PS 58 in Maspeth. The guest speaker, and honoree, will be Councilman Bob Holden. Here’s what the CEC has to say about honoring Holden:
Councilman Holden has done a great deal for our communities and schools in the short time that he has been Councilman.  Prior to that, Mr. Holden has decades of experience working with the community and city in other roles. We invite you to join us on Tuesday as we thank Council Member Robert Holden for his tireless efforts in District 24 and we have asked him to share his experience in working with our District.
Originally, CEC 24 was supposed to host Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza for a town hall. But Carranza had to cancel the event due to the recent passing of a DOE official. Activists who oppose the proposed Glendale homeless shelter had planned to protest the chancellor’s appearance, but that may be up in the air now that Carranza is not coming to the meeting. It’ll be an interesting event, one that you don’t want to miss tomorrow!

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