Mayor Bloomberg’s education reform gave principals control over their school’s budget and the ability to save money for a “rainy day”. With so much press about the dire economy and looming budget cuts, fiscally prudent principals were able to put money aside in anticipation of teacher layoffs and soaring class size.

In mid February, the DOE changed the rules. With only 4 months left in the school year, principals were told that 50% of these “roll-over” funds would be taken away and used to offset system wide cuts. Principals planned ahead to provide for the most pressing needs of our students. Now they are being forced to go on a spending spree and make non-urgent purchases or the money will be lost!

Our principals should not be penalized for making fiscally responsible decisions…they should be rewarded. In the words of Dmytro Fedkowskyj on the Panel for Educational policy: “It’s pouring right now and we’re taking away their umbrella.” Please DON’T TAKE AWAY THEIR UMBRELLA!


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