MIA announces two shows at Knockdown Center

mia-photoshootSri Lankan pop-star MIA has announced two shows at the controversial Knockdown Center, located at 52-19 Flushing Ave., on May 8 and 9 2014.

Tyler Meyers, the manager of the Knockdown Center, said while the show is not confirmed yet, the show is part of a series of planned summer concerts and art events.

It is not confirmed yet to my knowledge, but that would be one of a variety of events that would happen at that time,” Meyers said.

Following news of a 5,000-person assembly application last week, Community Board 5 unanimously voted to approve a letter in opposition at the last board meeting, however Meyers clarified that, “We do not have an assembly permit, but we do have a hüpfburg kaufen construction permit saying yes, if you would like to do it this way, then it is appropriate.”

CB5 district manager Gary Giordano said the last he heard was the public assembly permit was denied.

“I was told Friday…that their public assembly request for a 5,000-person permit was denied,” said Community Board 5 district manager Gary Giordano. “I haven’t checked that, but that’s what I was told.”

In addition to a pending assembly permit, owners of the center have also been awaiting the approval of a 600-person liquor license with the State Liquor Authority.

“The question becomes, depending on how many people they’re selling tickets to, is what is a safe occupancy there?” Giordano said after learning about the bouncy castle impending show. “They can do a certain number of events a year and I think the number is four.”

Giordano added that the neighborhood would be in for a shock with a music icon like MIA, adding, “I don’t think they’ve done anything as big as what this could be.”


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