Looks Like Holden Wins Glendale Council Seat

In an epic turnaround, after getting only 36% of the votes in the September Democratic Primary Election in the 30th Council District, it appears civic activist Robert Holden has turned the tables on incumbent, Glendale resident, Elizabeth Crowley as the board of elections has their count at 10,221 votes for Holden and 10,088 votes for Crowley by late Tuesday evening. A source close to the board of elections reported to us that there are 400 to 500 absentee ballots not yet counted, but he noted that it appears Holden was the one who focused on an absentee ballot program, not Crowley.

After that September democratic primary race, the Queens Republican Party took their ballot designee off the November ballot and replaced him with Holden, who got 8,457 votes on that line. Holden also received more than 1400 votes on the Conservative line and 140 votes o the ‘Dump deBlasio line.

Holden obviously hit a nerve for voters while campaigning on a platform charging Crowley was corrupt, school kids need to have priority to get into their local High School and stopping Mayor deBlasio from destroying the district. He claimed the Mayor and Crowley want to close Rikers Island, eventually putting jails in our neighborhoods. Holden was out front in the protest at the Maspeth Holiday Inn as it was being used as a homeless shelter, blaming Crowley for not doing enough to protect the neighborhood from the mayor’s homelesss plan. Late in the campaign it was noted that Holden had a hefty social media campaign, targeted digital text messaging and hyper-targeted mailings to get his message across.

If the numbers hold as they are now, Holden, a lifelong democrat, and president of the Juniper Park Civic Association, will be that rare breed of true civic activist – turned politician, a good sign for helping protect the character of the neighborhood in a city which is turning more centralized by the minute.

While down-zoning, getting more officers in the 104th precinct and enforcing traffic laws are on the top of Holden’s to-do list his first real decision might be his political party affiliation.


Firefighter William Tolley Way coming to Glendale


Glendale is honoring one of its fallen heroes by permanently affixing his name on a city street where he made a difference everyday.

Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley announced that 66th Place between Myrtle and Cooper avenues will be co-named “Firefighter William Tolley Way.”

As you may recall, Tolley was a member of Glendale’s Myrtle Turtles firehouse, a 14-year veteran of the FDNY. He was tragically killed in the line of duty while helping to contain a fire in Ridgewood.

His loss was immediately felt not only in Glendale and the surrounding neighborhoods, but also in Long Island, where he lived with his young family.

“Firefighter Tolley dedicated his life to public service. No matter the task, he put others before himself, and paid the ultimate sacrifice to protect our community,” Crowley said. “We will never forget his sacrifice and his legacy will live on through this street co-naming.”

The date of the co-naming ceremony will be announced soon. Stay tuned.


Crowley wants to downzone all of District 30


If you feel Ridgewood and its surrounding neighborhoods are being threatened by overdevelopment and the g-word (gentrification), here’s a bit of good news.

Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley has requested the Department of City Planning begin a process to downzoning her district, including Maspeth, Middle Village and Glendale.

Earlier this month, Community Board 5 already passed a proposal to downzone portions of Ridgewood.

Local residents are weary about the ongoing conversions from single-family homes to two-family rowhouses.

“Today’s significant development pressures are creating new construction that is out of scale in our local communities,” Crowley said. “The Department of City Planning must take another comprehensive look at the district. It is our goal to find ways to maintain the existing built from and to ensure real-world impacts related to parking, traffic and schools are fully considered.”


Voter Guide for NYC Local Elections on November 7th

The NYC local city office elections on November 7th are rapidly approaching and New Yorkers need to get informed!
In order to ensure this education, Vote NYC announced the broadcast schedule for the city’s official nonpartisan Video Voter Guide ! The guide contains statements from each candidate about their stances and plans for the city. The video edition of the guide began airing Sunday, October 29th and will be on every night at 7pm (4pm on election night) from now until the election on the NYC Gov station (see channel depending on carrier below).

NYC Gov Channels and Carriers
Spectrum (TWC)….74
Verizon FiOS……….1960 HD | 24 SD
Over the Air (Broadcast)……….25.2

The video guide will also air on borough-based public access stations; check local listings for time and dates on BRIC, QPTV, MNN, and BronxNet.

The Voter Guide information can also be found online at voting.nyc as well as in print when it is delivered to every household with registered voters in the five boroughs.

Aspects of daily life such as affordable living and public schools will be affected by these local elections so make sure to learn about the candidates and get out there and vote!


Have a safe Halloween at the 104th Precinct


The 104th Precinct is looking to create a safe space for children this Halloween.

The precinct will transform into a Halloween Open House. Kid will be able to trick-or-treat at the building as well as have the chance to meet their local police officers.

The event runs from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. The precinct is located at 64-02 Catalpa Avenue, Ridgewood. The 104th Precinct  serves the western section of Queens, containing Ridgewood, Glendale, Middle Village and Maspeth.


Update on donations drive for Puerto Rico

Hurricane Donations from Girl Scouts

Thanks to the generosity of local residents, Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley collected donations of toiletries, water, diapers, batteries and First Aid kits for the people of Puerto Rico.

Girl Scout Troop 4381 visited the councilwoman in her Glendale office and brought some of their own donations.

Crowley dropped off donations to the Jamaica Street Armory, and it’ll be shipped off with more items to the island.

“The devastation in Puerto Rico brought an unimaginable hardship to the entire island,” she said. “We knew we had to open our own doors once the storm hit so we could collect as many donations as possible. This is a community effort, and it affects everyone.”


Pol calls for enhanced safety on school buses


Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley is pushing for legislation to require all city school buses to have seatbelt signage.

According to the Glendale pol, buckling up is now not enforced, and kids spend a significant amount of time on school buses.

The bill would require the Department of Education to provide not just seatbelt signage, but also information about proper usage of seatbelt and display language.

It would highlight the requirement that buses be equipped with a seat belt for each passenger.

“This is a simple, common sense measure that can go a long way in safeguarding our students as they get to and from school,” Crowley said. “So many of our children ride the bus each and every day, and it’s our responsibility to be proactive about their safety. We shouldn’t have to wait until an accident happens to ensure that students buckle up.”

“Serious injuries could occur if children fail to use seatbelt on school buses. This signage is a small step that would have a big impact.”

The legislation will be introduced at Tuesday’s City Council stated meeting.


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