Glendale House of the Week 10/6/18

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The Glendale Home of the Week is a one-of-a-kind gem located on a very quiet block.

The two-story home features a spiral staircase and a beautiful patio in addition to a large living room with dining area, two bathrooms, laundry, and three generous-sized bedrooms.

There are garages with two cars each. The home is charming and move-in ready!

The property is listed by Crifasi Real Estate Inc. for $875,000.

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Bill to create zip code for Glendale passes House

Once again the U.S. House of Representatives has passed a measure to give Glendale its own zip code.

But without Senate action, it’s doomed to fail like it did in 2016.

Congresswoman Grace Meng has been spearheading the effort, which is part of a bipartisan bill requiring the Postal Service to create new zip codes across the country.

Glendale residents have long suffered mail service-related problems because they share the 11385 zip code with Ridgewood.


Glendale Home of the Week 9/22/18

pepe real estate home

This week’s featured home is a lovely rental.

The bright and airy space has a large bedroom with a side room which can be used as a walk-in closet or office.

The apartment is located just a block from the Freshpond Rd. M train stop, and is nearby to all kinds of shopping, restaurants, bars and supermarkets.

The apartment also features hardwood floors throughout, high ceilings, great natural light, and a Jacuzzi tub in the bathroom.
Heat and hot water is included but unfortunately no pets are allowed.

Pepe Real Estate has the listing for $1,950 per month.

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Play4Autism hosts annual golf tournament


Play4Autism is a nonprofit whose mission is to increase the public’s awareness and acceptance of autism, while improving the quality of life and hope for children.

The nonprofit is located at 88-11 Doran Avenue in Glendale.

Play4Autism’s Kidz into Action program affects about 100 children and their families each year to improve communication skills, self-esteem and social interaction to lead a healthy, productive and fulfilling life.

Their programs include music, sports, yoga, martial arts, arts and crafts, and much more. They help autistic children with leadership development, motor skills, behavior, sensory perceptions and teamwork.

Over the weekend, Play4Autism hosted its 2nd annual Golfing for Autism Tournament at the Kissena Golf Course in Fresh Meadows.

For more information, visit their website at Like their Facebook page here and their Twitter page here.


Annual Fall Recycling Event in Forest Park to be Hosted by Senator Joseph Addabbo and Assemblyman Mike Miller

On Sunday, September 23rd between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 pm crews will be at the Forest Park Bandshell to collect certain types of electronic waste.

This event is a great way to preserve the environment by safely and securely disposing of old electronics and household goods.

During their Spring recycling event, Addabbo and Miller helped residents recycle 3.53 tons of paper and 28,390 pounds of unwanted electronics.

“This event gives the opportunity for our constituents to securely discard household items in addition to reduces waste sent to landfills, conserves resources, helps protect the environment and saves energy. I encourage everyone to come and participate,” said Assemblyman Miller.


Things that will be accepted Things that will NOT be accepted
computers Large console or projection TVs
monitors Air conditioners
cell phones/ telephones newspapers
compact discs gas/oil items
PDAs paints
printers mattresses
batteries ovens
cameras office furniture
lamps firearms
mirrors vacuum cleaners
power strips/wires light bulbs
cable boxes liquids
fans tires
VCR tapes/ small televisions medication

Clean, dry household items such as clothing, bedding, paired shoes, dishes, silverware, lamps, curtains, American flags, and eyeglasses will also be accepted.

For more information on what items can be recycled please contact Addabbo’s Howard Beach office at 718-738-1111.





The Excaliber Reading Program

Screen shot via Google Maps

Screen shot via Google Maps

The Excalibur Reading Program, Inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit located at 80-17 78th Ave, in Glendale, and is open to all children, especially those with special needs, or those of impoverished means.

Since February 2005, the teachers working with this nonprofit have been offering tutoring, reading, writing, math and preparations for tests like ACT, SAT and more.

The Department of Education sends children with IEPs to the teachers in the network of The Excaliber Reading Room who can offer them the additional help they need to move forward academically.

The Unicorn Project-Raven’s Hope is a subsidiary program that was created to support families in crisis.

The teachers’ mission to help special needs children to achieve academic goals that aid them in achieving jobs and live a more independent life.

For more information on the programs The Excaliber Reading Program offers to children and for pricing details, please visit their website


Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt is a treat at Atlas Park


One of the treats offered at The Shops at Atlas Parks in Glendale is Menchie’s, a whimsy, self-serving frozen yogurt shop.

Menchie’s opened its first store in Valley Village, a suburban community of Los Angeles, California, on May 15, 2007. In 2010, Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt was recognized as the #1 fastest growing food franchise in the United States. Today the business has become the largest self-serve frozen yogurt franchise in the world.


Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt currently serves smiles in more than 540 locations around the world, with stores in development throughout the U.S.A., Canada, Puerto Rico, England, South Africa, Kuwait, Bahrain, The Bahamas, Bangladesh, Guatemala, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, India, China, and Japan.

The Atlas Park location is the only Menchie’s located in Queens.

The owners of the Glendale location are three local sisters. Wanting to work together for some time, they considered various investment opportunities before deciding to do something that could be beneficial for both business and the community.

They opened up shop in October 2016 as a way to provide treats and an enjoyable experience for families.

“We have individual careers and kids, but we are very close and we wanted to try something together that would make sense and be beautiful,” a co-owner said. “We looked at a bunch of different opportunities, and after taking a look at the business model as well as the charitable work that the brand does, it made sense for us.”

“The people who come to our stores aren’t customers, they are our guests,” she added. “We make it our number one priority to have them feel welcome because we want them to come back.”


The quality of the products sets it apart from other ice cream or frozen yogurt shops in the area.

What makes Menchie’s so unique is their custom recipes. Every few weeks, the flavors are rotated so customers can always try something new. The frozen yogurt at Menchie’s only uses natural flavors including real cake, cookies, spices, fruits, and nuts.

Additionally, the entire line of frozen yogurt is certified Kosher by KSA and has been awarded the live and active culture seal by the National Yogurt Association.  Vegan and gluten-free options are also available.


There’s a lot of research development that goes into creating a top-quality flavor. Some of the current flavors at Menchie’s at Atlas Park includes Creamy Country Vanilla, Takes the Cake Batter, Ice Cream Sandwich, Dole Whip Pineapple Sorbet and Vanilla Snow.

They also offer frozen yogurt cakes, including custom cakes with photos.

At local events, such as the movie screenings at Atlas Park, the shop’s Menchie’s character makes an appearance for the children in attendance.

“We try to get the kids engaged, have them smile and make it a fun experience for them,” another co-owner said. “We also like to bring our own kids in so they could participate too.”

Giving back to the community is especially important to the owners. They’ve participated in several fundraisers, including a partnership with the American Heart Association where they donated a portion of their profits to the organization for a month as well as encouraged patrons to donate. Additionally, they raised funds for Operation Smile, a nonprofit that provides medical care and surgery for children facing facial deformities such as cleft palate and cleft lip.

The look and feel of Menchie’s creates an inviting and jolly atmosphere. Bright colors occupy the store while dozens of toppings allow guests to be as creative as they want to be. The shop encourages guests to take photos of their creations. Some are selected and displayed across the store’s social media. Guests can use the #MenchiesatAtlasPark to show off their fro-yo. Menchie’s at Atlas Park can be found at @MenchiesAtlas on Facebook.

“It’s quality frozen yogurt and we’re here for the community trying to make a positive difference,” they said. “There’s not many places where you can go with kids, but to be able to come to a fun place where the kids can take their own frozen yogurt and build their own sundae with toppings. There’s something for everyone.”





Cooper Avenue Shelter Site Files With Buildings Department for Transient Use Yesterday

The part of the application for 78-16 Cooper Avenue which has DHS using the building.

The part of the application for 78-16 Cooper Avenue, which has DHS using the building.

Yesterday, August 23, an amendment to the application for 78-16 Cooper Avenue, Glendale, the site of the proposed four-story homeless shelter, was filed with the Department of Buildings.

It should be noted that a significant change in the Certificate of Occupancy comments states: “This facility will be classified as a lodging house. Sponsored by DHS.” (DHS is the Department of Homeless Services, just in case you haven’t been paying attention).

This August 23rd amendment to the original application on March 10, 2015 is rather disturbing to us.

We were told that the Glendale Coalition, a committee formed by Glendale activists to fight against a “massive” shelter in Glendale, met last night with a plan of action against the use of this property for such a large shelter.

In a category we’re now calling “What are the local politicians doing,” it seems Republican State Senate candidate Slawomir Platta has come up with the most useful way to fight the proposed Glendale shelter.

We give him points, as it was reported in this week’s Glendale Register “Shelter Report.” Platta got more than 4,000 signatures to have a line on the ballot called the “No Homeless Shelter Party.” Brilliant!

It is widely understood that the Glendale community is not opposed to sheltering the homeless in smaller numbers, but having this facility for 200 people is just unreasonable.

Here is the first page of the filings yesterday:

The first page of the application with the buildings Department for 78-16 Cooper Avenue, Glendale Shelter.

The first page of the application with the buildings Department for 78-16 Cooper Avenue, Glendale Shelter.