The Excaliber Reading Program

Screen shot via Google Maps

Screen shot via Google Maps

The Excalibur Reading Program, Inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit located at 80-17 78th Ave, in Glendale, and is open to all children, especially those with special needs, or those of impoverished means.

Since February 2005, the teachers working with this nonprofit have been offering tutoring, reading, writing, math and preparations for tests like ACT, SAT and more.

The Department of Education sends children with IEPs to the teachers in the network of The Excaliber Reading Room who can offer them the additional help they need to move forward academically.

The Unicorn Project-Raven’s Hope is a subsidiary program that was created to support families in crisis.

The teachers’ mission to help special needs children to achieve academic goals that aid them in achieving jobs and live a more independent life.

For more information on the programs The Excaliber Reading Program offers to children and for pricing details, please visit their website


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