“Trash Kingpins” site details issues with private waste industry

trashA new website from is detailing some of the more unsavory records of private waste companies in New York City.

The site, which was launched in a joint effort between: Transform Don’t Trash NYC Coalition: New York Lawyers for the Public Interest; Alliance for a Greater New York and Joint Council 16 of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters  features dirt on six companies, many of which operate out of Queens like Glendale’s Mr. T Carting.

“Private sanitation was once a good-paying, safe career, but that is no longer the case, thanks to these trash kingpins and others like them,”George Miranda, President of Teamsters Joint Council 16, said  Their low-wage jobs and unsafe practices put workers at risk, and undermine the few good companies left in the industry.  They can spend all the money they want on PR, but we know what is really going on.”

The site’s abuses ares based on researched and sourced documents from:  Records obtained from city anti-corruption regulators; Public social media posts published by company owners and managers containing racist, sexist, or otherwise offensive language and imagery; Numerous criminal, bankruptcy, and civil court cases involving sanitation company owners and so-called “independent unions”; State and federal filings by “independent unions” which are said to undermine labor standards in private sanitation and other low-wage industries by cutting sweetheart deals with employers.

Check out the site and see the records of some of your local private waste companies.


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